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Reclaim Your Happiness After THAT


Shavonna Nicole

5 Steps to Reclaim Your Power After Being With A Narcissist

5 Steps to Reclaim Your Power After Being With A Narcissist

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About Me

Hi There!

Welcome to my site!  I'm Shavonna Nicole, Self-Love Development Coach.

I'm not just a Relationship Coach here to fix your broken relationship.  I'm also not just a Self-Love Coach here to help boost your self-esteem. 

I'm a carefully crafted infusion of the two. An expert in toxic relationships and emotional stability.  I help my clients discover and build up their self worth to rid themselves of the pain from painful relationships.

I've realized through not only my background as a therapist or a domestic violence professional, that relationships don't get better when other people change - they get better when YOU change.  Things change when you know your worth and the power you hold and are unapologetic about it.  Things change when you can set healthy boundaries and actually follow through with them. 


I help YOU do the inner work so that you can be emotionally stable, confident, and never lose yourself or your dignity again - no matter WHO you're with!