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Still undecided on whether to go through with changing your life?  Find out what others are saying...


Hypnosis Client

Shavonna is excellent!!! She is very warm, professional and attentive. She will hear YOU. She says she specializes in helping successful women have healthy relationships but I am here to say she doesn't so much more. If you want to improve ANYTHING in your life, she is the person to call!!!! She is really just awesome!!!! | still can't believe I was able to be hypnotized. But I was... I bet one of the reasons it was able to happen was because of how comfortable I was with her!!! The improvements you are seeking happen in a comfortable way because she communicates with your subconscious mind!!!


I highly recommend Shavonna !!! Come with an open mind!!! And CONGRATULATIONS in ADVANCE!!!!


Hypnosis Client

What was life like before you experienced hypnotherapy with me?

I was experiencing anxiety problems which symptoms where intensifying the last weeks, I used to feel like something was wrong with me or that something bad could happen. I was very insecure about myself and my skills, I had low self -esteem and didn’t feel confident enough to socialize because I felt that people could reject me or judge me. 

What problem were you trying to solve with hypnosis? 

Anxiety and low self-confidence 

What kept you from trying hypnotherapy sooner? 

I didn't knew much about it and I didn’t knew anyone who practiced it. 

What was your main concern that would have prevented you from experiencing hypnotherapy? What put your fears to rest? 

I didn't have a real fear about it, I was open to new experiences. 

What made you happiest about working with me? 

You inspire a lot of confidence since the very beginning, you were so patient and kind with me, and the fact you showed so open to solve questions or concerns helped a lot. 

What about hypnosis surprised you the most? 

That you can enter into the trance very fast and simple I’d say, I had practiced meditation before but never got into that state so easily and real, and when the session finished, I felt a lot of changes inside myself, like an extraordinary willpower and self-confidence. 

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from experiencing hypnosis?

Probably if there was a chance to evoke emotions or memories that were going to be difficult to handle

What is life like now that you’ve experienced hypnosis? 

Completely different! I must say I feel pretty motivated, fearless, I have the courage to face problems and solve them, also I feel so confident about myself, in fact I’ve been talking to a lot of new people since then. 

What would you tell someone who’s considering hypnosis and working with me? 

That they don’t need to hesitate and start as soon as possible, cause the experience is going to be so transforming and they’ll definitely see a before and after in their lives for good. 

What are 3 benefits you’ve experienced since going through hypnotherapy? 

Anxiety symptoms are almost gone 

A change in my personality, helping me to be the person I want to be 

Increased my self-confidence and motivation

What is life like now that you’ve experienced hypnotherapy?

I feel like I’m able to achieve any goal I set, I feel like I know better how to manage my own emotions and get the best of them,  It’s like some kind of magic occurred and helped me to get that part of my personality that was hiding and now I feel free to show myself as I am fearlessly.


Reclaiming My Happiness Client

What made you decide to book with me?  I had such a positive experience with you and hypnotherapy I knew you'd be the only person to truly help me through this process - the good, the bad and the ugly (crying)

What was happening in your life at the time you decided? My husband's drinking was out of control and he had been making too many bad decisions. I was in therapy and it wasn't working. 

Explain your problem in detail. (how did it feel, what was it like to have the problem, how was life for you having this problem, how long had you had it for)? He was unfaithful. I was devasted, it felt like the ultimate betrayal....

How had you tried to fix it in the past? Why do you think the way you tried failed? I tried leaving before and he always begged me to come back. It failed because he wasn't ready to quit or get help.

What were your thoughts of hypnosis/coaching before you met with me? I really didn't have an understanding of what it was or how it really worked. 

How would you describe the entire experience with me? You're a great listener,  have an attention for detail and ability to break down each step, with options. You really care and made me think, which therapists really didn't. I like that your approach is guided and reflective, whereas therapy is more self discovery maybe....I feel like you really understood what I was going through and asked the questions that I needed to ask myself, which while painful at times, led to a ha moments so I could begin to figure out what path I wanted. 

How do you feel now after the session? Much clearer on who I am, the importance of putting my needs first - not only recognizing what they are but also setting clear boundaries so I can maintain my peace. I'd say I'm quite happy and recognize that everything and everything to stay close to me needs to be in alignment with who I am.  

When you think about your life now, what are you most looking forward to? Just living and appreciating every moment. I've slowed down. I'm happy again, and know myself. As far as what I look. forward to, I'd say maintaining this identity while learning to incorporate my relationship with my husband back into my life. 

What would you say to people who are putting off fixing their problems and frustrations in life? That we're blessed to have each day learn to appreciate that and if you want to live your best life and be happy start by doing the work, which could include hypnotherapy : ) 

What was the most important thing for you in achieving success with your sessions with me? Showing up, listening/contributing. Thinking about our sessions in the days that followed.


Hypnosis Client

...Up  until the latest hypnotherapy, my emotions dictated what and how I ate but now...eating is important but not as much as it was.   I'm down 6 lbs...

...I will thank you for the rest of my life for what you've done.  You're an amazing person...

...Never before have I dared to openly admire my own beauty.  It's manifesting itself in so many ways.  I can't even begin to tell you.


Hypnosis Client

1.  I booked with you because... the hypnosis sparked my interest. Furthermore I was sick and tired of my current situation and wanted a change.

2. What was happening in my life at the moment was in my current situation, I was ready to end it and not only end it l, I wanted to move forward without being bitter, angry or Vengeful.

3. The problem I was having was, the guy I was in love with, could not or would not love me the way that I needed or deserved to be. He made me feel unloved, unwanted, not valued, worthless. I felt stuck in this situation and didn’t know how or want to for that matter to get out. Until I finally realized that I wanted and needed better for myself. I let this go on for 7 1/2 years without a real commitment from him.

4. I tried to fix it through yelling, screaming, leaving him alone for months, not having intercourse with him, however he knew that I wasn’t done, I tried moving on but my mind, body and heart was not ready.

5. My first thought of Hypnosis, was I didn’t believe in it and never thought it would work.

6. The entire process/ experience I believe, has been a life changer. I followed through every assignment that was given to me and was most excited when I completed it. The tools that I was given in order to work the process, I will be using through out my life. I’m learning how to love myself, completely move on from this situation without having any ill will in my heart for all my exes, also learning how to let go of my past hurt.

7. How I feel after our sessions, is I am super excited with the head space I’m in right now. I know it will still be some what challenging and difficult, but through lots of prayer and the tools that I have now, I will be able to get through it with flying colors.

8. As I think about my life, what I’m most looking forward too, is being in a healthy relationship, making myself happy, know my worth, and loving myself enough to know if a relationship don’t come right now I will be ok being by myself self and working on healing completely.

9. If there is one thing I would say to someone who is putting off on fixing there probably, I would tell them to trust the process, I will give them a quick overview about my experience and encourage them in any and every way I know how. I will also say to them it is well worth it!

10. The most important thing I needed from these sessions, is for my mind and heart to be mended, knowing my self worth, identify what does a toxic relationship looks and feel like and not get in one, last but not least learning how to love myself and learn how to leave the past just where it belongs IN THE PAST!!!


Reclaiming My Happiness Client

What made you decide to book in with me?
Shavonna Nicole and I met over 10 years ago ....During this time, we became close friends because the level of care and respect she showed not only to our youth but adults and peers as well. These are just a few of the reasons that I decided to
book with Shavonna.
What was happening in your life at the time you decided?
When I decided to book with Shavonna, I had already gone through therapy with
other therapists, so the problems I shared with her were like the ones I was
currently working on. I was working on not carrying around unresolved anger
towards my mom and sister(s). I too was working on being more assertive at work
and not letting time lapse before I addressed concerns which brought with it
another set of problems that I tired of dealing with.
Explain your problem in detail. (how did it feel, what was it like to have the problem, how was life for you having this problem, how long had you had it for.
The problem that I had was that I was taught not to put myself first because of how my
mom was raised. She projected her insecurities on me. Thus, when I felt differently about a
situation, I was afraid to address it. Then I held on to it for decades, making me angry.
Walking around trying to disguise my pain bread confusion in my thoughts and actions. My
relationships with others suffered. Often, I would resolve to shutting down. Not wanting to
talk or be around the people (mom and sister(s)) who angered me. At the same time, I
knew that I didn’t want to sever the relationship with my mom and sister so, I desired to
have other ways to handle the anger that I carried around with me.
How had you tried to fix it in the past? Why do you think the way you tried failed?
In the past, I tried to fix it by attending church. Praying, listening to sermons and
talking to peers, Pastors, etc. I felt that if I followed all the protocols of attending
church (simply coming to the altar, praying aloud, crying, tithing, attending
programs) would help. DON’T GET ME WRONG…it helped but what my
comprehension lacked was understanding that the actions outside of the physical
building was what I really needed. The teaching that I had gotten for years was that
therapy was shunned. There were times that Pastors suggested it but if you blinked,
you missed it.
What were your thoughts of hypnosis/coaching before you came and seen me?
The only times that I was made aware of hypnosis was through tv. Sitcoms had
somehow taught me that dangling a medallion in front of my face and snapping
fingers would cause me to perform embarrassing tasks commanded of me.
How would describe the entire experience with me (in detail)
Wow. I had no clear-cut expectations of the hypnosis. Of course, I was worried that
under ‘her spell’, I would divulge some deep dark secrets that even I don’t want to
recall, but that’s not what happened. Nor did I revert to childhood. Yes. That’s
what I thought that I would go back to playing with blocks in kindergarten and I
smacked a kid who took what I needed. That didn’t really happen, but you get the
gist. When I arrived at my ‘place of clarity’ or that place that defined the clearest
example of why I came to Shavonna, I wept. It captured everything, the anger, the

submission to the thoughts and opinions of others, the acceptance of someone
else’s stuff as my own…their past traumas which ultimately lead to me severing a
relationship with a sibling. It was truly shocking because it happened 3 years ago.
As Shavonna later pointed out, there was some moments of resistance and because
this was new to me, I didn’t know it. During which, I was overthinking it but
ultimately decided to give in. ...I knew that she had
my best interest in mind, and I let go.
How do you feel now after our sessions?
After all of this, I feel so much better about myself and my abilities to address and resolve
problems. Most importantly, HOW NOT TO CARRY AROUND THAT WHICH DOESN’T
When you think about your life now, what are you most looking forward to?
Oh boy! I’m looking forward to completing my artistic journey. I have several
projects that had been delayed because I wasn’t confident that I could execute.
After this, I have broken it down and come up with a plan on how to bit by bit
identify what I can do and work on it till completion.
What would you say to people who are putting off fixing their problems and frustrations in life?
To those whose putting off fixing their problems and frustrations, I say, ‘don’t wait’.
The sooner you address them head on, the better off you and your loved ones can
be in the healthiest way possible.
What was the most important thing for you in achieving success with your session/s with me?
The most important thing for me in achieving success after my sessions with
Shavonna, is to put anger in its place. Stop letting it rob me of my God given power
while walking daily in beautiful integrity.

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