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Reclaiming My Happiness VIP

VIP Coaching Package

This package is for you if:

1) You're in a public or well-known relationship -with a narcissist that thinks you can't survive without him.

2)  You're tired of being publicly humiliated by him and his cheating.

3) You know you're a boss chick and any guy would be lucky to have you, but he has you feeling like a side chick.

4)  The emotional roller coaster he has you on has distracted you from your business and your own goals.

5)  You're tired of fighting and the back and forth of being together and splitting up.

6)  You feel stuck and don't know which way to go with the relationship.

7)  Your schedule is so busy you're wondering if you even have time to work with a coach.

8)  You're afraid of what others might say and being ridiculed if they found out that you were working with a Self-Love Development Coach and needed a guarantee on confidentiality. 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions and want to just be happy again, then this package is for you.

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